$Meemo a token created for the people.

About Meemo

We’re thrilled to introduce $Meemo, a token designed for the Solana Network community. As the 2024 Bull run unfolds, we’re launching at the perfect moment, offering our investors a chance to seize life-changing financial opportunities!

You might wonder, why invest in $Meemo? That’s a decision we leave entirely up to you. We’re not here to persuade anyone into investing. We’re simply a team with a dream, aiming to elevate our project to the pinnacle of success, much like any other successful endeavor.

Our project will feature numerous utilities, including Meme Predictions, Launch Pad, NFTs, and more. However, we understand that building takes time and success doesn’t happen overnight. We hold a long-term vision for $Meemo and won’t rush the development of our planned features. So, if you’re seeking overnight gains of X1000, we advise you to explore other opportunities and make space for those who share our patient approach.

Okay, so…… what’s so special about NFT’s you ask? Nothing really for most projects but in this instance, we will have a low mint price and 75% of the funds collected from minting will be going back to the community while the other 25% will be used in other ways to push the project.

We plan to launch a couple collections over time, and they will all have rewards and staking capabilities, but the biggest thing will be the rewards for minting a RARE NFT!

Our first NFT collection will have 5000 unique NFT’s with an estimated giveaway amount of over 200K! Prizes will vary from 5K-25K with a GRAND PRIZE (TBD)

Marketing strategy

$Meemo takes a different approach, prioritizing mass adoption over influencer endorsements. We count on our vibrant community to champion our cause across respected platforms, enticing even everyday influencers to join the movement. As our project gains traction and momentum, exchanges will list us organically, and influencers will promote us willingly. But for real success, we rely on OUR COMMUNITY to amplify our message until we reach the funds needed for major exchange listings. Together, we’ll make waves! 🌊 #CommunityFirst #MassAdoptionMission

Meeme Prediction

Introducing Meemo Prediction: the ultimate platform for predicting the rise of meme tokens! Bet on which meme tokens will outperform the rest within a set timeframe, and winners split the pot, with 10% commission reinvested to fuel our meme-loving mission! 🚀💰 #MemeEconomy #PredictAndProfit


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Phase 1

• Fair launch
• Website release
• Social’s created
• Community growth
• Coin Gecko listing
• CMC listing
• Update info on Dextools
• NFT development begins

Phase 2

• Dextools trending
• 2,500 Telegram members
• 2,500 holders
• Community contest
• Initial partnerships
• CEX listings
• Release NFT’s

Phase 3

• 5,000 Telegram members
• 5,000 holders
• Additional CEX listings
• NFT reveal
• Meemo Prediction
• Major partnerships

Phase 4

• Meemo LaunchPad
• Additional CEX listings
• 10,000 Telegram members
• 10,000 holders
• Merch gear production

How To Buy

Create a Wallet

Download Phantom wallet or use a bot such as BonkBot to fund your balance.  

Get Some Solana 

Have Solana in your wallet to swap to $MEEMO. If you don’t have any Sol, you can buy directly on and CEX or  transfer from another wallet.

Go to Radium 

Connect to Radium. Go to  in your Phantom app to connect  your wallet. Paste the $MEEMO token address into Radium, select MEEMO, and confirm. When Radium prompts you for a wallet signature, sign.


Swap SOL for $$MEEMO. 


Many of the Meme Tokens do not have a structured ecosystem capable of accommodating them all. Meemo will provide a comprehensive and quality platform for all Meme Tokens, delivering reliable and fast transactions. As with other coins in the cryptocurrency industry, Meme Tokens require a unique way of relationship building and interacting with each other. Meemo will provide this environment and delivers the best user experience. Our cutting-edge technology will provide all Meme Token owners with the best products via our ecosystem and guarantees a first-class experience for all.

Yes, we have obtained a Audit through InterFi Audits.

Yes, we have obtained a KYC though PinkSale Ecosystem.

Yes, the liquidity will be locked on launch.

Meemo Swap, Launchpad, Prediction, and Nfts to name a few

To succeed in the Cryptocurrency market, an investor must be able to reliably assess a project’s growth potential. Meemo Predicton is a platform that encourages investors to exercise this capability daily. Those who accurately predict the pace of growth of the Trending Tokens would be rewarded handsomely. This game works like “Horse Racing” but 100% by the smart contract. Each race will feature 2-3 Trending Tokens (For example: PEPE, SHIB, DOGE) and snapshot the price. The investor has few minutes to bet on a token. The token with the best development in percentage will win. The winners would proportionally share 90 percent of the losers’ wagers. As a subscription charge, the remaining 10 percent will be allocated to the Marketing Fund, or Liquidity Pool.

We would select at least two projects to participate in each Meemo Prediction race (usually 2-3 projects when the ecosystem has grown).

Each race will last 30 minutes (To be notified in advance). When the timer expires, the Coin/Token with the highest Growth Rate will win the race. To be fair, we would choose projects with similar percent growth rates.

For example: Meemo Prediction will enable every investor to choose which token will perform better (% variation) during the 5 minutes race. If you choose DOGE and it grows 20% against 10% and 15%, the use will win.

Players will place bets in ETH/BNB on the project they believe would win. Until the race, the whole betting phase would take just 5 minutes. The winners can claim the reward as soon as the results are accessible.

According to the odds, 90 percent of the combined bets on all projects in the race would be split by the winners. 10 percent remaining is distributed to Marketing Fund, or Liquidity Pool.

We will partner with reputable tokens new and old projects to specifically sell their tokens via the Meemo Launchpad.
Investors may purchase Trending Tokens from selling forms like public-sale, fundraising, or a whitelist ICO, IDO…
In order to use our Launchpad users will be required to hold a minimum amount of Meemo tokens.
Before a project can be eligible to list on our launchpad they must first have an Audit and KYC performed.
This is a great way to bring communities together, strengthen all projects involved while working towards mass adoption.

Meemo Partners

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